What Are We Neglecting?

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Yesterday we read: “This story also teaches us that we have to slay the enemies in our private life first, before we can face Goliath publicly.”

Two days before Father Francis Dominic wrote: “And let it start with in ourselves. Let us focus on the ungodly things that are in our own lives. If you think you have nothing ungodly in your life that needs to be dealt with, then you are part of the problem. If you think your sin is not what is causing the ungodly state of the Church and this country, then you are being deceived.”

And so the first proposition is that I AM PART OF THE PROBLEM. Rather than ask: “am I doing something wrong,” let us start with the premise that I AM DOING SOMETHING WRONG. Let us examine our conscience very carefully as God’s people did so many centuries ago.

As we read Nehemias, we find that the people ask the law to be read to them, and then examined their own conscience. Then they repented of their sin and began doing what they had been neglecting. Once prompted, they did all on their own accord. And this is the first thing we are neglecting, getting serious about our sinful lives. Yes, we are sinners, and we are not where God wants us to be. Take this to heart and consider it well.

When we read of the miserable state Jerusalem was in at this time, we think on the state of the Church, which has been neglected and abandoned and left to fall into utter ruin. We salve ourselves with Jesus Christ’s promises to the Church that she will not fail, while doing nothing to help Jesus keep this promise. He did not build the Church alone, but with the Apostles, Disciples and the rest of the hundred and twenty faithful, who the Holy Ghost augmented with three thousand on Pentecost.

Jesus is looking to each and every one of us to get up off of our back-side and become active in the Church. Father Francis Dominic has given us step one, repent of our sins.

Ask yourself the question, “What does God want me to do?” And then consider, have you asked your superiors in the Church this question? God speaks to us through the superiors He has appointed over us.

And so, let us pray and repent of our sins. Then let us heed the advice to do penance for our sins. Let us also heed Jesus’ advice to two different people: “Go now and sin no more.” Then let us sincerely ask God: “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do?” (Acts 9:6)


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