Preparing for Lent

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March 5th sees the beginning of the holy season of Lent. We shouldn’t need to remind anyone of the fast laws of the Catholic Church. (We have reproduced these below.) We cannot consider the mere observance of the fast laws during Lent as sufficient penance. No, Lent is a time for penance and detachment from the world.

We have been reading Summa of the Christian Life, volume 2. We strongly recommend this set of books for spiritual reading. We will be scanning in this whole chapter on Growth in Charity, but would like to quote a few things: “Although there are countless created goods that man may seek inordinately, St. John reduces them to three: wealth, honor, and bodily pleasure.” None of us are seeking the religious life for wealth, for the Church is truly a non-profit organization. We must consider the other two, honor and pleasure.

“By bodily pleasure is understood all those things which the senses of the body may take pleasure. Thus, the eyes naturally delight in the beautiful colors in paintings, tapestries, clothing or the beauties of nature as well as the beauty of the dance or theatrical spectacles, or any kind of visible beauty.” We must mortify our eyes in this age where they are assaulted by many things we should not see. We must be especially on the guard against the immodesty that will soon return with warmer weather. Also we should put away theatrical spectacles, such as the television this Lent.

“Man’s natural curiosity to know and to see all things is satisfied by many books, much visiting and conversation, and other such things.” Our books and conversations should be on holy things. There is much to distract us today and we cannot feed the vice of curiosity, but must feed the virtue of studiousness. Curiosity killed the cat and also kills the soul.

“Under honor are included such things as offices, dignities, titles, privileges, authority, exemptions, and all other things that are related to worldly honor.” Following Jesus Christ and His Church tend to lead us away from all of these things. However, we must be on the guard against seeking any special treatment in the Church. Ours is to do God’s will as expressed by our superiors. We should not seek a promotion, for the Church will promote when the Church believes a person is ready for such a promotion.

Lent is a time of spiritual spring cleaning. It is time to reexamine our conscience and see where we have let things slide over the past year, since last Lent. Let us consider that we are called to be the salt of the earth, to be saints. We are called to give a good example and lead people to the truth more by our actions than by our words. Let us remember that actions speaks louder than words and talk is cheap. We must live the Catholic way of life, not just preach it.

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It has been recommended that We add a link to the documentary Pope Michael Film. We would like to note that it is not Our documentary. Adam Fairholm and two other students came from Notre Dame to interview Us for a school project in 2007. After he graduated, Adam contacted Us to propose the idea of making a documentary. The documentary was a completely independent project. We had not editorial control over the project.

Contact Pope Michael

We can be contacted in many ways. We gave Our email above. Snail mail is

Office of Pope Michael

829 NE Chester

Topeka KS 66616-1352

We do not give out Our phone number for random publication. If you wish to speak by telephone, We can arrange that. We also have Skype. You should email to set up an appointment, because We do not have Skype active very often. Our Skype name is PopeMichael.

Our original website was the Vatican In Exile. It is still operating, but remains rather static at the moment.

We are posting these spiritual conferences and other things at the Pope Speaks

W are slowly working on Our autobiography at Pope Michael. When We originally sought a website domain name, We did not even consider using pope-michael, because this is not about Us. This is about God’s holy Church. However, later on We ran into a person who is cyber-squatting, that is reserving and running a domain in another person’s name. He did not ever open up a domain under Our name, but he has with other people.

Fast and Abstinence Laws

Days of Fast and Abstinence Fast only Fast and Partial Abstinence Fast and Total Abstinence Abstinence only
Persons All weekdays of Lent, including Holy Saturday (until noon): except Ash Wednesday; Fridays; Ember Wednesday and Saturday Ember Wednesday and Saturday; Vigils of Pentecost and All Saints Fridays of Lent; Ash Wednesday; Vigils of Immaculate Conception and the Nativity All Fridays, except those with more obligations
Under 7 No fast or abstinence No fast or abstinence No fast or abstinence No fast or abstinence
Over 7 and under 21; or over 59 No fast or abstinence No Fast, Meat once No Fast, No Meat No Fast, No Meat
Over 21 and under 59 Fast, Meat Once Fast, meat Once Fast, No Meat No Fast, No Meat
  1. On days of Fast, only one full meal is allowed. Two other meatless meals may be taken according to one’s needs; but together they should not equal another full meal.
  2. On days of Partial Abstinence, meat and soup or gravy from meat may be taken once a day at the principal meal, even by those not obliged to fast.
  3. On days of complete abstinence, no meat or meat soup or gravy may be taken.
  4. Those not obliged to fast may eat meat several times on fast days which are not abstinence days of any kind.

Let us remember that the laws of fasting and abstinence bind under pain of serious sin. Jesus said: “Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3,5) Jesus fasted forty days and forty nights. The saints fasted and so should we.

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The Spiritual Life Made Simple

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As We were going through some notes We had made from meditation, We came across a single sided piece of paper. And so how do we simplify the spiritual life? Let us remember that God is simplicity itself. We are the ones that complicate things. If we simplify our own lives, then we come closer to where God wants us to be.

 Love God completely and do everything He asks us to do.

 Spiritual books merely expand on these two points and help us accomplish them.

When we love someone, we want to spend time with them. If I tell you that I love you, then find every excuse to avoid you and spend no time with you, you are not going to believe that I truly love you. My actions speak louder and drowned out my words. So let us remember that actions speak louder than words.

And so how do we show that we love God? We spend time with Him. This is why We strongly recommend an hour a day in prayer. Those of us who are pursuing a spiritual life and truly wish to love God should be able to find an hour each day to spend with Him in prayer.

There are two kinds of prayer, vocal and mental. Mental prayer is the most important for we must keep our mind on God during our vocal prayer as well. To merely rattle off a series of words is not prayer. Prayer must come from the heart.

“Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 7:21)

The second point is to do everything God asks us to do. If you are waiting for a burning bush, then you are not seriously seeking God’s will. He does not usually come in such an extraordinary manner. Rather He speaks to us in dozens of ways throughout the day. God is speaking to you right now through this little sermon, which you are reading.

And so God speaks to us through spiritual reading. We have seen that in Our own lives many times. Sometimes dramatically. We would be reading something and realize, that this is what God wants us to do. Our job is simple, do it. So a part of our hour should be spent in meditative spiritual reading. This is where we take a spiritual book and slowly digest and apply it to our lives.

God speaks to us through spoken sermons, which today many will find on the internet. And yes, He can speak to us through a webpage. He uses many ways to communicate His will to us, if only we will listen for His voice and heed it.

 A Question

 Since we are working together to save souls, We shall sometimes ask you questions to help us present the truths of the Faith to the faithful. And so We have a question for you. How best do we explain Pope Michael to people? True, Our project seeks to explain the current situation in the Church and ultimately Pope Michael. However, We don’t believe it is so difficult that people need to read a book. Actually We believe it can be presented simply. Any suggestions?

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First Spiritual Conference

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February 1, 2014

Saint Ignatius, Bishop amd Martyr

Dear friends in Christ,

When We sent out the request for the Unity Octave, We kept opening up email addresses. In fact, We are not sure We have contacted everyone. With so many to keep up with, We have decided to prepare a spiritual conference twice a month. We will email it to all. And there are a few who will receive it by snail mail.

This newsletter will be two fold. First of all a status report on how things are progressing. This will include announcements of upcoming feasts and fasts. We should live by the liturgical calendar. The second part will be a spiritual conference, because it is important to be constantly reminded of spiritual things.

My House Is a House of Prayer

Jesus said this, when preparing to cast the money lenders out of the temple. And indeed this is what We are establishing here in Topeka. The main purpose of moving in this direction is to establish a house of prayer. All ages in the Church until the Great Apostasy saw men and women separating themselves from the world at least partially to devote themselves to prayer. Consider the many virgin martyrs of the early persecutions. And then we have the desert fathers. Following them we have the rise of monasticism and the foundation of monasteries of monks and of nuns. Consider the great contemplative orders of the ages, the Cistercian and the Trappist come to mind.

Saint Teresa of Lisieux is the Patroness of the Missions, and yet she never spoke to a native to bring them the Faith. Instead from her Carmel she supported the missions with prayer and penance. My friends, it is by prayer and penance that we shall overcome the Great Apostasy.

We would all like to find those magic words that would bring thousands to realize the true condition of the Church. However, our words are as a “tinkling brass and a sounding cymbal,” (I Corinthians 13:1) without one key component.

Saint Paul tells us: “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I should deliver my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.” (I Corinthians 13:1-3) Without charity we are nothing.

You will notice We have said nothing about the seminary or the education of men to spread the Gospel. The reason is simple, the first step in the ministry is with prayer and penance. It is upon this foundation We hope to form priests to be men of prayer. This is why Our place of exile must be a place of prayer first and foremost.

The priest is first and foremost a man of prayer. He prays on behalf of the flock God gives him through the Church.

Our house here is open to brothers, monks and seminarians, because the primary purpose is to form a house of prayer. We hope to form priests in this house of prayer.


 As of this writing no one has actually moved into Our house of prayer. However, We have three men working on coming, when and if their circumstances allow. True, We only have two empty rooms in Our actual house. However, We have checked around. First of all one half of the duplex next door has come back on the market for rent. The last time it was on the market, it was $450 per month, two bedroom one bath. With three men here, we can afford to rent this. If this is not available, then a block and a half away there are several places available in a similar price range.

We will keep you informed as men are able to actually get moved into Our house of prayer.

 A Project

 We have been meditating on what people do not understand. It is a simple phrase in the Creed: “I believe in the Catholic Church.” We say it every day in the Apostles Creed at the beginning of the Rosary, but do we stop and think what this actually means? In Our Library We have a set of catechism books, which are at the level of catechism teachers. We have extracted this section on “I Believe in the Catholic Church”. We went ahead and published the first part. This is an ongoing project, because We wish to add two sections. The first will add to some basic points to address the heresies of today. The second section will demonstrate where the Catholic Church is today.

Just the other day We read something, which is key to understanding where the Church is:

The Vatican Council teaches (DZ 1821) “The eternal Pastor and Bishop of souls decreed to establish a holy Church, in which all the faithful should be held together by the bonds of one faith and a common charity … and preserved in the unity of faith and communion by the ministry of a united priesthood.”

Pope Leo XIII states in Satis Cognitum (paragraph 15): “But the Episcopal order is rightly judged to be in communion with Peter, as Christ commanded, if it be subject to and obeys Peter; otherwise it necessarily becomes a lawless and disorderly crowd.”


The priesthood amongst the Traditionalists is anything but united as can be easily seen by the various sects they have. This proves the necessity of having a living breathing Pope to which all of the Diocesan Bishops are subject. In turn the pastors, other bishops and priests are subject to their own Diocesan Bishop. The concept is simple, but the Traditionalists have declared an emergency to circumvent the order established by Jesus Christ.

We will keep you updated as the project moves forward and will be asking some of you to assist in polishing the final product. Links are provided to the first section, which is in print and available on Kindle.




 If you are receiving this or reading this, please feel free to ask questions. You may ask personal questions, which We will answer privately. Some general questions We will answer here, especially if they pertain to the religious life, the priestly life, the spiritual life or to the operation of the seminary and monastery. Other general questions We will answer on Youtube for fish eater Fridays, when We answer such general questions. We have a general policy. We never use a person’s name without their express permission, and if We use the question publicly We may alter it so as not to reveal who asked the question.


 Because of the late Easter this year, Lent does not start in February. In fact, we do not enter Septuagesima until February 16th. Let us remember that Septuagesima, the time from Septuagesima Sunday until Ash Wednesday is a time of preparation for Lent and commemorates the fact that some fasted fifty days before Easter (Quinquagesima), some sixty days (Sexagesima) and some seventy days (Septuagesima). In memory of Jesus’ forty day fast, we now observe forty days (Quadragesima).

Sunday, February 2nd is the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple as required by the Mosaic Law. This is the official end of the Christmas season, which began with First Vespers on Christmas Eve.

February 11th is a commemoration of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes. February 24th is the Feast of Saint Matthias the Apostles. Saint Mathias was elected to fill the place that was left empty by Judas’ apostasy.

Pope Michael

829 NE Chester

Topeka KS 66616-1352

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The Book of the Month for December is Growth in Holiness

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There hasn’t been a spiritual author in half a century

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There has not been a spiritual author in fifty years. No, I don’t claim to be in the league with the great spiritual authors or even the mediocre ones. I noticed in the old Vatican in Exile that the most under visited section was the one on sanctification. I compiled that section into this book, because it is my foremost duty to help people become saints. This will be free on Kindle




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Novena to Prepare for the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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In preparation for Mary’s presentation in the Temple, Saint Alphonsus tells us to detach from something to which we are most attached.

Prayer to be said privately at one or more visits to the Blessed Virgin Mary: Oh Mary, during this novena help me to detach from ___________, to which I am most attached and serves as an obstacle to my service of Almighty God and thee.

The Presentation of Mary November 21

Start the Novena on November 12th.

Oh beloved of God! most amiable child Mary! oh, that like thee, who didst present thyself in the temple, and at once and wholly didst consecrate thyself the glory and love of thy God, I might offer to thee to-day the first years of my life, and dedicate myself entirely to thy service, oh my most holy and sweet Lady! But it is now too late, for, unhappily, I have lost so many years in serving the world and my caprices, as it were entirely forgetful of thee and of God. Alas for the time in which I did not love thee! But it is better to commence late than at all. Behold, oh Mary, to-day I present myself to thee, and offer myself entirely to thy service, for the longer or shorter time that remains for me to live on the earth; and with them I renounce all creatures, and dedicate myself entirely to the love of my Creator. I consecrate to thee, then, oh queen, my mind, that I may always think of the love that thou dost merit, my tongue to praise thee, and my heart to love thee. Accept, oh most holy Virgin, the offering which the most miserable sinner presents to thee; accept it, I pray thee, for the sake of that consolation which filled thy heart when in the temple thou gavest thyself to God. And if late I begin to serve thee, it is right that I should make good the time lost by redoubling my devotion and my love. Aid my weakness, oh mother of mercy, with thy powerful intercession, and obtain for me perseverance and strength to be faithful to thee until death; that always serving thee in this life, I may come to praise thee eternally in paradise.

During the Novena let us:

1. Make a meditation morning and evening.

2. Pay Mary three visits to an image or statue and ask her for the grace to overcome the attachment to that thing we are most attached in the world. We should thank God for the many graces He has given Mary.

3. Saint Alphonsus advises: “Interior mortifications, however, are the best of all to practice during these novenas, such as to avoid looking at or listening to things our of curiosity;[1] to remain in retirement; observe silence; be obedient; not give impatient answers; bear contradictions, and such things; which can all be practiced with less danger of vanity, with greater merit, and which do not need the confessor’s permission.”

On the Feast of the Presentation of Mary.

1st. The holy child Mary, having hardly arrived at the age of three years, entreated her parents that she might be placed in the temple according to the promise which they had made. The day appointed having arrived, the immaculate young Virgin leaves Nazareth with St. Joachim and St. Anne, accompanied by a host of angels who attend that holy child who was destined for the mother of their Creator. Go, says St. Germanus, go, oh blessed Virgin, to the house of the Lord, to await the Holy Ghost, who is to come to render thee mother of the eternal Word.

2d. The holy company having arrived at the temple in Jerusalem, the holy child turns to her parents, and kneeling, kisses their hands, asks their blessing, and then, without looking back, ascends the steps of the temple. There renouncing entirely the world and all things that the world could give her, she offers and consecrates herself wholly to God. Henceforth the life of Mary in the temple was but one continual exercise of love, and the offering of her whole self to her Lord. She increased from hour to hour, nay, from moment to moment, in holy virtues, sustained indeed by divine grace, but always endeavoring, with all her powers, to correspond with grace. Mary herself revealed this to St. Elizabeth, the virgin, saying: “Do you think that I obtained the graces and virtues without an effort? Know that I received from God no grace without great effort, continual prayer, an ardent desire, and many tears and penances.”

3d. Thus Mary, a young virgin in the temple, did nothing but pray. And seeing the human race lost and hateful to God, she especially prayed for the coming of the Messias, desiring then to be the servant of that happy Virgin who was to be the mother of God. Oh, who would have said to her then: Oh holy Lady, know that already through thy prayers the Son of God is hastening to come and redeem the world; and know that thou art the blessed one chosen to be the mother of thy Creator. Oh beloved of God, most holy child, thou prayest for all, pray also for me. Thou hast consecrated thyself wholly, even from infancy, to the love of thy God; ah, obtain for me at least that during the remaining years of my life I may live for God alone. Today together with thee, I renounce all creatures, and consecrate myself to the love of my Lord. I also offer myself to thee, oh my queen, to serve thee forever. Accept me for thy special servant and obtain for me the grace to be faithful to thee and to thy Son, that I may come one day to praise thee and love thee eternally in paradise.

[1] We strongly advise total abstinence from television, during such a novena, to atone for the many sins against Jesus and Mary committed through means of this device. [ie blasphemy, heresy, sodomy, murder, theft, adultery, divorce, working on holy days just to name a few horrendous sins.]

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