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The Coming Chastisement

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Open Letter to Traditionalists

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Forty years ago my family quit the Novus Ordo, when I was 13 years old. I thank God to this day for this wonderful event, for if we had not left Novus Ordo then, I would have probably quit the Church as well and lost my faith. A priest who came through occasionally to say the Tridentine Mass at the time remarked to my mother: “Now you have peace of mind.”

Over the next few months I would like to take some time to comment on the Great Apostasy, but more importantly on how we must all come together in order to end the Great Apostasy. I will not waste your time and mine on comments on the evils of Vatican II. I believe we are all agreed that we want to roll the clock back to before Vatican II opened and have a Church that does not even know of Vatican II. And let us not waste our time on the evils of the Novus Ordo, which Archbishop Lefebvre called a bastard mass. Rather I would like to focus on how to become truly Catholic in a world that is worse than pagan. And I won’t waste your time discussing the multitude of evils in the world today, you know them as well as I do and wish they could be conquered and ended. We know that all will be conquered and that the whole world will convert and become Catholic. It is this glorious day we are praying and working for.

So how do we bring about an end to the Great Apostasy? First of all we must end the effects of the Great Apostasy in our own hearts and souls. Whether you are 22 or 82, you were brought up in a lax unsettled world that permitted things it should not have. And unfortunately the Church went right along for over a century allowing things it once fought and relaxing things it should not have. Let us remember that ’40’s and ’50’s lukewarmness in the Church brought apostasy in the ’60’and ’70’s. It is time to return to the constant discipline of the Church from the time of the Apostles to the century of Modernism, the 20th Century.

Saint Pius X put the following question to some of his Cardinals: “What is the one thing we most need, today, to save society?” After hearing their answers, he said: “The most necessary thing of all at this time is for every parish to possess a group of laymen who will be at the same time virtuous, enlightened, resolute, and truly apostolic.” Today we have no parishes, because these laymen were not found.  It is time that each Catholic, lay and cleric to become fervent Catholics of the type Saint Pius X desires. At least one private prophecy says that the greatest saints will live in our times. We are called to be those great saints. Pope Pius XI reminded us in his Encyclical on Saint Francis de Sales that we are all called to Christian perfection. Anything less than striving for perfection will not bring an end to the Great Apostasy, but rather an unfortunate end to our soul. Jesus said: “Be ye perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

Saint Teresa of Liesieux said: “You cannot be half a saint, you must either be a whole saint or no saint at all.” The most important thing each and every one of us must do is become a saint and yes, a great saint. Half measures simply will not do. Saint John Eudes says:Therefore I say, and this will immediately be clear to anyone who gives a little thought to the truths I have outlined, that all Christians ought to be martyrs, if not in actual fact, at least in intention and in will. So true is this, that if they are not martyrs of Jesus Christ, they will be martyrs of Satan.” There is no middle ground, so let us become martyrs for Jesus Christ in spirit. Let us learn the spirit of martyrdom.

More to come.


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Novena to Prepare for the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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In preparation for Mary’s presentation in the Temple, Saint Alphonsus tells us to detach from something to which we are most attached.

Prayer to be said privately at one or more visits to the Blessed Virgin Mary: Oh Mary, during this novena help me to detach from ___________, to which I am most attached and serves as an obstacle to my service of Almighty God and thee.

The Presentation of Mary November 21

Start the Novena on November 12th.

Oh beloved of God! most amiable child Mary! oh, that like thee, who didst present thyself in the temple, and at once and wholly didst consecrate thyself the glory and love of thy God, I might offer to thee to-day the first years of my life, and dedicate myself entirely to thy service, oh my most holy and sweet Lady! But it is now too late, for, unhappily, I have lost so many years in serving the world and my caprices, as it were entirely forgetful of thee and of God. Alas for the time in which I did not love thee! But it is better to commence late than at all. Behold, oh Mary, to-day I present myself to thee, and offer myself entirely to thy service, for the longer or shorter time that remains for me to live on the earth; and with them I renounce all creatures, and dedicate myself entirely to the love of my Creator. I consecrate to thee, then, oh queen, my mind, that I may always think of the love that thou dost merit, my tongue to praise thee, and my heart to love thee. Accept, oh most holy Virgin, the offering which the most miserable sinner presents to thee; accept it, I pray thee, for the sake of that consolation which filled thy heart when in the temple thou gavest thyself to God. And if late I begin to serve thee, it is right that I should make good the time lost by redoubling my devotion and my love. Aid my weakness, oh mother of mercy, with thy powerful intercession, and obtain for me perseverance and strength to be faithful to thee until death; that always serving thee in this life, I may come to praise thee eternally in paradise.

During the Novena let us:

1. Make a meditation morning and evening.

2. Pay Mary three visits to an image or statue and ask her for the grace to overcome the attachment to that thing we are most attached in the world. We should thank God for the many graces He has given Mary.

3. Saint Alphonsus advises: “Interior mortifications, however, are the best of all to practice during these novenas, such as to avoid looking at or listening to things our of curiosity;[1] to remain in retirement; observe silence; be obedient; not give impatient answers; bear contradictions, and such things; which can all be practiced with less danger of vanity, with greater merit, and which do not need the confessor’s permission.”

On the Feast of the Presentation of Mary.

1st. The holy child Mary, having hardly arrived at the age of three years, entreated her parents that she might be placed in the temple according to the promise which they had made. The day appointed having arrived, the immaculate young Virgin leaves Nazareth with St. Joachim and St. Anne, accompanied by a host of angels who attend that holy child who was destined for the mother of their Creator. Go, says St. Germanus, go, oh blessed Virgin, to the house of the Lord, to await the Holy Ghost, who is to come to render thee mother of the eternal Word.

2d. The holy company having arrived at the temple in Jerusalem, the holy child turns to her parents, and kneeling, kisses their hands, asks their blessing, and then, without looking back, ascends the steps of the temple. There renouncing entirely the world and all things that the world could give her, she offers and consecrates herself wholly to God. Henceforth the life of Mary in the temple was but one continual exercise of love, and the offering of her whole self to her Lord. She increased from hour to hour, nay, from moment to moment, in holy virtues, sustained indeed by divine grace, but always endeavoring, with all her powers, to correspond with grace. Mary herself revealed this to St. Elizabeth, the virgin, saying: “Do you think that I obtained the graces and virtues without an effort? Know that I received from God no grace without great effort, continual prayer, an ardent desire, and many tears and penances.”

3d. Thus Mary, a young virgin in the temple, did nothing but pray. And seeing the human race lost and hateful to God, she especially prayed for the coming of the Messias, desiring then to be the servant of that happy Virgin who was to be the mother of God. Oh, who would have said to her then: Oh holy Lady, know that already through thy prayers the Son of God is hastening to come and redeem the world; and know that thou art the blessed one chosen to be the mother of thy Creator. Oh beloved of God, most holy child, thou prayest for all, pray also for me. Thou hast consecrated thyself wholly, even from infancy, to the love of thy God; ah, obtain for me at least that during the remaining years of my life I may live for God alone. Today together with thee, I renounce all creatures, and consecrate myself to the love of my Lord. I also offer myself to thee, oh my queen, to serve thee forever. Accept me for thy special servant and obtain for me the grace to be faithful to thee and to thy Son, that I may come one day to praise thee and love thee eternally in paradise.

[1] We strongly advise total abstinence from television, during such a novena, to atone for the many sins against Jesus and Mary committed through means of this device. [ie blasphemy, heresy, sodomy, murder, theft, adultery, divorce, working on holy days just to name a few horrendous sins.]

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Pope’s Book 1,457 on Kindle

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We just found out that 54 Years that Changed the Catholic Church is number 1,4547 in Kindle Books.  Consider that this is competing with about a million books on Kindle.
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