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Coming down from the mountain

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Father Francis Dominic wrote:

Matthew 14:23 And having dismissed the multitude, he went into a mountain alone to pray. And when it was evening, he was there alone.

There were times that Jesus separated himself from the multitudes, and there are times when we need to separate ourselves from our lives and ministry, and spend some time with our Lord.

I love how Jesus climbed a mountain. It made me think of an interesting analogy. Picture the shape of a mountain. It starts out wide at the bottom — the higher we climb, the narrower it becomes — and the more we must stay close to the center.

As we go even higher yet, there’s less room to move to the left or the right — and there’s less and less ground that can be compromised — the more focused we need to be and the less we can afford to be distracted. The higher we go, the less room we have to fool around!

Whatever you may be dealing with, you may just need to separate yourself and climb up to spend time with the Lord — get centered on Him and focused on what He’s calling you to.

God wants us to learn to climb to the top and focus all of our lives on His will! Let’s take out some time today to try it!

Dear friends,

We actually were able to clear three days last week to go up a mountain. Sunday We returned with Our Mass at Thornton Place on the other side of town. This week, We are back down with work and other obligations most of the week.

Today people are seeking solutions to the problems in the Church and the world in all of the wrong places. We seek to teach, preach and what is even more fruitless, debate.

“And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying:” (II Thessalonians 2:10) Recently, We have seen just how pervasive the operation of error can be. If we do not love truth, we will also believe the operation of error. And there I no earthly way we can convert someone who does not love truth. My friends, the solution to the problems of the Church and of the world will be found on the mountain in prayer. True, duty calls us down from the mountain, but we can bring the spirit of the mountain down with us. You may be able to take the man of God off of the mountain, but you cannot take the mountain away from the man of God. And so, let us pray.

+Michael pp

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