Spiritual Conference 9-26-2012

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Dear Brothers,
The spiritual conference is an important part of a monastery or indeed any religious house. We give a very short sermon every morning after the Gospel at Mass, as well. Since we will be forming a monastery soon, We believe it is essential to start giving a spiritual conference at least once a week as a preparation for the time when the monastery is officially open. At that time, the prior will give a weekly spiritual conference as part of his duty as prior.
“Reflect that there must be someone to cook the meals and count yourselves happy in being able to serve like Martha. Reflect that true humility consists to a great deal in being for what the Lord desires to do with you and happy that He should do it, and in always considering yourselves unworthy to be called His servants.” (Saint Teresa of Avila, The Way of Perfection) Just before We read this, We were reminded of something We read many years ago in Saint Alphonsus (The Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ): “’Devotion,’ says St. Thomas, ‘consists in being ready to accomplish in ourselves whatever God demands of us.’ (II-II Q82 A1)”
God is going to ask us all to make some sacrifices in order to make this monastery work. Any new foundation like this takes work. In fact, we have the added burden of trying to get moving forward towards the universal conversion. And this is the main reason for forming the monastery, for it will be through our prayers, our silence, our sacrifices that God will send down graces to bring about conversion. One of the sacrifices will be that sometimes we will have to pull away from prayer in order to work, whether it is in restoring whatever we eventually buy or just day to day duties such as cooking and cleaning.

Watch for an announcement on the monastery here soon.

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