A Sacred Moment

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A Sacred Moment

Dear friends,

Yesterday We had a sacred moment. While reading and taking to heart some material, We had a sacred moment. Recently we closed down the VIE Catholic radio station and replaced it with podcasts, flowing from programs we produced here to make these podcasts. The new format makes it easier for people to hear what they want to hear, when they want to hear it, which is a great improvement over the internet radio station approach. The project is called Encouragement For Today, and don’t we all need encouragement in our Christian walk? https://www.encouragementfortoday.com/ One of the podcasts is Sacred Moments, and We believe is an important concept. We all need to have sacred moments, whether from a podcast or from something we read, something that comes to mind, an event in our life, etc. If we are not returning to God spontaneously on occasion, then we need to check into our spiritual life. We pray you find the podcasts inspiring and look forward to your feedback.

+Michael pp

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