Canonical Errors in True Or False Pope

  1. On pages 11-12 we read the third general argument of Sedevacantists: “That the new rite of episcopal consecration, approved by Paul VI, is invalid, and consequently those consecrated bishops in this new rite (Benedict XVI and Francis) are not true bishops, and therefore could not be true Popes – since a non-bishop cannot be Bishop of Rome.”  This proposition relies on the decrees of Paul VI (1975) and John Paul II, the Great Deceiver, (1996)  A man becomes Pope, the moment he accepts election, as put forward in Pope Saint Pius X and Pope Pius XII’s Papal Election decrees.  Sedevacanists reject the two decrees in question and hold to the tradition and Canon Law, which holds that a man becomes Pope, the moment he is elected.  The Catholic Encyclopedia on Conclave reports: “Strictly speaking, any male Christian who has reached the use of reason can be chosen — not, however, a heretic, a schismatic, or a notorious simonist.”  And on Papal Elections: “Of course, the election of a heretic, schismatic, or female would be null and void. Immediately on the canonical election of a candidate and his acceptance, he is true pope and can exercise full and absolute jurisdiction over the whole Church.”
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