True of False Pope on Pope Michael

Page 7: “Some Sedevacantists have even convened a “Conclave” and elected their own “Pope” (They are called “Conclavists”),  There have been well over a dozen “Popes” elected by the Sedevacantist sects to date, with each purported Pope competing against the others for the office of Vicar of Christ.

“… David Bawden, a seminary drop-out who lives with his mother in a farmhouse in Kansas, was elected “Pope” Michael by six lay people including his parents in 1990.  During his “reign” Bawden has had to compete with various other Sedevacantist groups who have elected their own “Popes” – namely, Linus II (in 1994), Pius XIII (in 1998), Leo XIV (in 2006), Innocent XIV (in 2007) and Alexander (X (in 2007).”

Pages 664-665 are devoted to the Mysticalists and ConclavistsArchbishop Lefebvre and Clemente Dominguez.  On page 665 they write: “We previously mentioned seminary drop-out David Bawden of Kansas, who has his Mom and Dad elect him as Pope Michael I on July 16, 1990.”  If you read above, they know this is wrong.  In essence they are self-contradictory, because they do not report the full story as they did on page 7.

On page 395, they quote from my book, 54 Years that Changed the Catholic Church: “This Bull of Pope Paul IV deserves special consideration, especially in light of the fact that it has been ignored by many. … this Bull appears in the Fontes of the Code of Canon Law in several places.  It is considered infallible because it teaches on a matter of faith.”  This is considered in more detail here.