Rome Will Lose the Faith and Become the Seat of Antichrist

Can the Church of Rome lose the Faith?

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catechism Tenth Article of the Creed: This is as if He said:  ““They shall make war against thee, but they shall not overcome thee.”  And thus it is that only the Church of Peter (to whom it was given to evangelize Italy when the disciples were sent to preach) was always firm in faith.  On the contrary, in other parts of the world there is either no faith at all or faith mixed with many errors.  The Church of Peter flourishes in faith and is free from error.  This, however, if not to be wondered at, for the Lord has said to Peter: “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not; and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren.” (Luke 22:32)”

Saint Jerome quoted in Exposition of Christian Doctrine Dogma, page 477: “Know that the Roman faith is inaccessible to heresy.”

Saint Bernard quoted in Exposition of Christian Doctrine Dogma, page 477: “Questions of faith should be brought thither where faith can suffer no defect. This is the prerogative of the Holy See.

“The Fathers of the Fourth Council of Constantinople declared that “in the apostolic See, the Catholic religion has always been preserved immaculate.”

“And, indeed, in every age all dissensions relative to religion have been submitted to the judgment of the Pope, and his judgment has always been recognized as irreversible.”

St. Cyprian – “he turned naturally to Rome as the center of all authority, because he thought… that the Romans are ‘they to whom faithlessness can have no access.”‘ (Cardinal Merry del Val, The Truth of Papal Claims, p. 98.)

On pages 220-1 of True or False Pope? we read a quote from Fr. Chapman’s, The Condemnation of Pope Honorius: “Rome has an indefectible faith, which is authoritatively promulgated to the whole Church by the Bishops of the Apostolic See, the successors of Peter and the heirs at once of his faith and of his authority.  How was it possible to assert this, and yet in the same breath to condemn Pope Honorius as a heretic?  The answer is surely plain enough.  Honorius was fallible, was wrong, was a heretic, precisely because he did not, as he should have done, declare authoritatively the Petrine tradition of the Roman Church. … Neither the Pope nor the Council consider that Honorius had compromised the purity of the Roman Tradition, for he had never claimed to represent it.”

J. C. Fenton on the Local Church of Rome.

Who proclaims this?

 For one Archbishop Lefebvre says that Rome will lose the Faith.