Will Rome Lose the Faith?

Footnote 1 on page 1: “As learned Catholics know, our Lady warned of this crisis in her apparitions at Quito (“Masonry will enter the Church in the twentieth century”), La Salette (“Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of Antichrist”), Fatima (the apostasy will begin at the top) and Akita (“The devil will infiltrate the Church”)”

Pages 83-4: “It is also worthwhile to consider that traditional Catholic commentaries make a distinction between the internal subversion of the Church (which we are currently experiencing through the Vatican II revolution) and the external persecution of the Church which will lead to the final apostasy at the end times (which the Sedevacantists claim is happening now.” Footnote 92 is significant: “It is likely that, during this time, the persecution of the Church will lead her to go “underground”. At this time, it would seem that Rome will become an enemy of the Church and be the seat of Antichrist as Our Lady revealed at La Salette. …”

On pages 220-1 we read a quote from Fr. Chapman’s, The Condemnation of Pope Honorius: “Rome has an indefectible faith, which is authoritatively promulgated to the whole Church by the Bishops of the Apostolic See, the successors of Peter and the heirs at once of his faith and of his authority. How was it possible to assert this, and yet in the same breath to condemn Pope Honorius as a heretic? The answer is surely plain enough. Honorius was fallible, was wrong, was a heretic, precisely because he did not, as he should have done, declare authoritatively the Petrine tradition of the Roman Church. … Neither the Pope nor the Council consider that Honorius had compromised the purity of the Roman Tradition, for he had never claimed to represent it.”

And so the question is this, can Rome lose the Faith or not? Father Chapman (among others) says no, Salza and Siscoe say yes, but not now.