Catholic Attitude Towards the Pope

“How must one love the Pope? Not only with words but with actions, as well, and with sincerity . . . When one loves the Pope, one must not discuss on what He advises or demands, as to find out which are the duties of obedience, and to limit there one’s obligations. When one loves the Pope, one does not object that He has not spoken clearly enough, as if He was to tell each and everyone His will clearly expressed many times, not only in speech, but in His letters and public documents; one may not doubt His orders under the pretext that they do no emanate from Him directly, but from His entourage; one may not limit where He may and must exercise His will; one may not oppose the authority of the Pope against that of others, no matter how well educated, who differ from the Pope’s mind. Besides, whatever their knowledge, sanctity is lacking in them, for THERE COULD NOT BE SANCTITY WHERE THERE IS DISAGREEMENT WITH THE POPE.”
— Pope St. Pius X, Discourse to the priests of the Apostolic Union, 2 Dec 1912