Conclavism is the logical result of Sedevacantism, because the only Vatican Council declared that it is a matter of Faith that sede vacantes end.  As a result of Conclavism, four elections have been held.

On July 16, 1990, Pope Michael was elected and is reigning to this day.

In 1994 a group of men, including Thuc Bishops elected Victor Von Pentz, who took the name Linus II.  He has since disappeared and the last that was heard is that he is a bank guard in Northern England.

In October 1998, Father Earl Lucien Pulvermacher was elected, taking the name of Pius XIII.  He has died and there has been no successor elected.

On March 24, 2oo6 Argentine Oscar Michaelli was elected, taking the name of Leo XIV.  Upon his death, he was succeeded by Juan Bautista Bonetti, who took the name of Innocent XIV.  Upon his death Alejandro Tomás Greico was elected, who took the name of Alexander IX>  He has since resigned and closed down his church.

There are other internet fictions, which are claimed to be Popes, but these must be rejected.

Mysticalists should also be rejected, because Popes are elected, not appointed by an alleged apparition.