early 1970’s Father Joachin Saenz Arriaga reaches the conclusion and published Sede Vacante and The New Montinian Church.  He also contacted conservative Cardinals to encourage them to proceed to a papal election.  When this failed, he met with Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on March 22, 1976 to talk to him about the election of a Pope.  He died mysteriously a short time after this meeting. Fathers (late Bishops) Carmona and Zamora were also present.

1981 Professor Benjamin Franklin Dryden writes For New Problems, A New Canon to promote the election of a Pope

1982 Theresa Benns writes We Are the Church to promote a papal election

1982 Bishop Peter Martin Ngo-Dihn Thuc declares the papacy vacant and Wikipedia on Bishop Thuc.
“Therefore, in so far as I am a bishop of the Roman Catholic Church, I judge that the Chair of the Roman Catholic Church is vacant; and it behooves me, as bishop, to do all that is needed so that the Roman Catholic Church will endure in its mission for the salvation of souls.” Place in context of the the references this means electing a Pope, since he refers to Unam Sanctam. “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

November 1983 Bishop George Musey and Father Thomas Fouhy wrote an Open Letter to Archbishop Lefebvre about the election of a Pope in November of 1983

Daniel Leonardi circulates a letter to rally people to the election of a Pope.

1988 Archbishop Lefebvre has an SSPX priest looking into and seeking information on electing a Pope

1988 Teresa Benns and David Bawden prepare Upon This Rock to promote the election of a Pope. The writings of David Bawden are linked here.  Professor Dryden’s piece was included as well.

1990 T Stanfill Benns and David Bawden publish Will the Catholic Church Survive the Twentieth Century? to promote the election of a Pope

July 16, 1990, the Catholic Church elected David Bawden, who becomes Pope Michael

1991 Dr. Homero Johas writes Is a Pope Necessary? This a refutation of Briton’s Catholic Library Letter number 7 by N Martin Gwynne and John Daly. They wrote this letter as an attempt to refute Will the Catholic Church Survive the Twentieth Century? Another source.

1994 A group of Traditionalist priests and bishops gathers in Assisi, Italy to elect a Pope. They elected Victor Von Pentz, who became Antipope Linus II. Von Pentz has resigned.

Mid 1990’s Kenneth Mock writes The Papal Situation to promote the election of a Pope.

October 28, 1998 a group of Traditionalists have a phone in papal election, electing Father Earl Lucien Pulvermacher, brother of Father Carl Pulvermacher. Pulvermacher became Antipope Pius XIII.

Late 1990’s Lucio Mascarenhas comes to the conclusion that we need to elect a Pope, and invents the term Orthopapism.

2005 Sedevacante International calls for the election of a Pope

An article on Conclavism exists on Wikipedia.

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